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08.07.2014 The Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street

Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street

Milanese ”The Golden Block”, Quadrilatero della Moda and so on – in the different parts of the world  you can hear a lot of various names of this place, but the main point remains the same – top-of-the-range boutiques of almost ALL world-wide brands are concentrated in the district. What’s the history behind its name? The streets constituting the district form a kind of a virtual quadrate and a walk in the quadrate leaves all fashionmongers of the world under an indelible impression and constitutes a real danger to credit cards J. This is just a paradise for exclusive shopping! Quadrilatero della Moda consists of the following streets:
Via Montenapoleone
Via Manzoni
Via della Spiga
Corso Venezia
Piazza San Babila
And also the inside streets:
Via Borgospesso
Via Santo Spirito
Via Gesù
Via Sant'Andrea
Via Bagutta
Via Verri
Let’s start with the most famous – Montenapoleone Street.

Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street

The street starts from Piazza San Babila Sqaure and ends with via Manzoni Street crossing. This is not a very long street, a woman will need 585 steps to  walk all street through – 585 steps of absolute happiness and glamour: Montenapo, the way the Milanese lovingly call it, has 200 shop windows and about 85 best world-wide brands.
And now read about some of them in more detail:

Prada – the most Milanese brand established in 1913 proved by its brand logo. The brand became even more popular thanks to "The Devil Wears Prada" movie. According to the famous editor-in-chief of American “Vogue”, Anna Wintour, Prada is one of the seven most significant brands in the world. By the way Milanese fashionmongers prefer Prada boutique on Montenapoleone Street and via della Spiga 18 (bags, footwear and accessories), but not the one in the Galleria which is more popular amongst tourists.

Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street  Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street
Louis Vuitton – opened in February of 2001. You can find all new things of this French fashion house: from bags and suitcases to pret-a-porter collections for men and women here.

Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street

Ralph Lauren – “cheerful classics”. The style of this American designer is always in the fashion and the interior of the boutique creates an atmosphere of county house, I recommend visiting it out of mere curiosity.

Gucci – opened in 2002 and that moment it (1,500 m2 area, 4 floors and 92 sellors) was the biggest Gucci boutique across the globe. Nowadays even bigger Gucci buotique is situated in New York City, but in Milan the boutique on Montenapo remains the most significant one.

Versace – for a long time Madonna used to be amongst regular customers of this shinning boutique, I think it speaks for itself :-).

Fashion District. Montenapoleone Street

Please see here how you can get to Montenapoleone street using a tram
You will learn about other streets and significant brands of Quadrilatero della Moda in my next post.


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