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28.06.2014 Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Corso Vittorio Emanuele is one of the main shopping streets in central Milan.

Nadezhda Okhotnikova, Milan

This pedestrian street harbors heaps of interesting shops.

Firstly almost all fashion lines of Max Mara can be found here: Penny Black, Max & Go, Marella and Max Mara Week End.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

And if you turn from Corso Vittorio Emanuele to a side street just behind Foot locker shop you will see Max Mara outlet called Diffusione  Tessile (please see the photo) where you can buy all brands 30-60% cheaper.

adress: Gallerea San Carlo 6

Corso Vittorio Emanuele Street

Only a brick throw from the outlet in the same side street there is another outlet, The Highline, offering a broad range of world-known brands 40-0% cheaper.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

I hope the information is very valuable, so visit my site more often wink
If your goal is buying things of the world-known brands at the most reasonable prices – this is the place where you can plunge into shopping and those who order my Personal Shopper service will be given tips on fashion trends, styles and colors matching your figure and color type. Yes-yes, you can always find quite hot items in Milanese outlets.
Secondly Corso Vittorio Emanuele Street is a paradise for economic shopping. You will be able to find practically all representatives of ‘fast fashion’ network that are also low cost brands, more simply the Russian of this ‘very fashionable and not expensive’. I would like to give more details on this.
These are the brands like: Zara, H&M, Mango, Bersca and OVS (all of them can be found in Corso Vittorio Emanuele). The ‘fast fashion’ shops offer clothes and accesssories based on the last fashion trends from fashion shows, but the things are of good quality and at very reasonable prices. Of course, we don’t mean “Made in Italy” quality here, but I find it prudent buying rapidly going out of fashion things in ‘fast fashion’ shops versus spending vast sums of money. Though in these shops I and my many Italian friends purchase base things to be put on for a few seasons: trousers, T-shirts, dresses, tank tops, accessories – I suggest capturing all selections offered, the prices are quite acceptable and all things are very sensible and comfortable, and even don’t doubt a little the clothes won’t be hanging useless in your wardrobe!
Of course you can say Zara and H&M are easily available in Russia, but believe me, central Milan shops offer much more various and recent items and 20-30% cheaper.
Moreover, almost all the brands continuously renew product ranges and cooperate with the most famous designers, creating the so-called "capsule collections" gone line hot cakes. For example "capsul collection" from Donatella Versace for H&M was bought up for one day. Of course these are not haute couture Versace clothes, but made and designed by personally Donatella Versace for H&M and at a very interesting price. And in 2014 "capsule collection" for H&M will be designed by American Alexander Wang. Please watch the news on my site you will be the first to know when the collection will be offered for sale in Milan.
Other economic shops in Corso Vittorio Emanuele that coulds be of interest:

Benneton - this is the place if you search for a thing of particular bright color! Trousers, shorts, blouses – everything is very bright and cheerful. You may not renew your entire wardrobe here, but you will surely find some bright detail to supplement your image. Who order my Shopping service will be given tips on exact items for purchase.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele Street

Massimo Dutti – I like this Spanish designer for his delicate style and very inexpensive prices. I recommend paying attention to leather articles: footwear, bags, and jackets – everything is of high quality and at quite reasonable prices. Another shop is located in the Galleria; don’t hesitate to enter it – the prices here are far from being prohibitive wink

GAP – this is American casual wear brand. Tip: when buying jeans the seller will offer you the model matching your figure type. You will also find a good selection of children’s wear.

Under no consideration I encourage you to limit all shopping in Milan with "low cost" brands!

Milan is the world capital of top-of-the-range brands and internationally acclaimed designers; take ‘Fashion Quadrilateral’ alone! But this will be the topic of my next post.


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