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28.06.2014 Shopping in Milan. Where to start.

I, like most women across the globe, am a shopaholic. But three kids and responsibility for the family budget don’t let me spend a lot of money while shopping. After 12 years in Italy, the most fashionable country in the world, I’ve understood good looks do not necessarily take megabucks – most Italian women know how to look great considering scanty means. Talking to my super stylish Italian lady friends I’ve developed my own shopping tactic in Milan which I am going to share with you here, and those who order my  Personal Shopper  service will be personally assisted by me with great and good pleasure. So what’s our starting point?:
1. The first thing: review and try all your wardrobe at home putting aside items which are torn, worn, too small, too big and you don’t put on, because you don’t like them or they are out of fashion (caution: out of fashion clothes can come back to fashion peak in a few years or become ‘vintage’ things which is even better:))
2. Make a list of things missing in your wardrobe and things to supplement or perfectly match this blouse or those trousers. Do the same with your footwear (visiting Italy without buying at least a pair of shoes is what we can’t afford ;-))!

So you are in Milan and you have more or less clear ideas of what is to be purchased (of course we, women, can absolutely unexpectedly lose our heads from a dress or blouse in a shop window, but we’d better adhere to the preliminary shopping list). We‘ll start with the Duomo square (piazza Duomo), specifically la Rinascente mall.

Shopping in Milan. The la Rinascente mall

This building is located on the left hand side of the Duomo cathedral. This is an Italian version of GUM (department store) and TsUM (central universal department store) in Moscow.

Entering this building you will find yourselves in kind of Wonderland – everything is so beautiful, fashionable and glamorous.

Shopping in Milan. The la Rinascente mall.

Tip: entering la Rinascente from the left hand central entrance you will see shop windows of the most famous world-wide cosmetic and perfume brands. And almost continuously some advertising campaigns of new aromas at quite reasonable prices are held there. I highly recommend trying the perfumes (you will be scented absolutely free), and if you like something – buy it (you will be given a pile of presents to boot and make no doubt about it: the aroma will be in a single copy in Russia and this copy will be yours).

On the first floor we’ll see new bag collections from the best world-wide designers (my weakness :))

Shopping in Milan. Where to start?

but please don’t hasten to buy them, only remember colors and models fashionable this season and correspondingly prices. We move on upstairs (la Renascente has totally 7 floors).
The same relates to clothes and accessories – new collections of the most famous stylists are represented here, - so do remember fashion trends, colors and models, but hold back on purchases, except for something you re-e-e-e-a-a-a-lly likeJ. We are on the last sixth floor – this gastronomic paradise is called “La Rinascente food market”, where you can buy various top-of-the-range delicacies of Italian cuisine, sweets, and chocolates from famous stylists, though the prices will knock you back on your heels, but the quality is guaranteed. You can have coffee and cake on il Bar café terrace which will cost you about €10, but the view of the Duomo’s spires and "Madonnina" from the terrace is worth it!

Shopping in Milan. The la Rinascente mall.

This is the end of our today visit to la Rinascente this time. But don’t worry, we’ll come back here later, almost all shops in Milan are open till 19.30 and а la Rinascente works till 21.00 and on particular days closes at 22.00. So we descend to the ground floor, take the left hand central exit, turn left and walk right ahead, along pedestrian street Corso Vittorio Emanuele, but this will be a next  post.




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