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05.06.2016 Duomo Cathedral Church

Duomo Catedral Church

Every day: 7.00 am – 7.00 pm. Last admission 6.30 pm
Free admission.  

OPENING HOURS (valid from the 1st November)
Every day: 8.00 am - 7.00 pm. Last ticket at 6.00 am. Last admission 6.10 pm
The closing procedure begins at 6.40 pm

Every day: 8.00 am - 7.00 pm. Last ticket at 6.00 am. Last admission 6.10 pm
The closing procedure begins at 6.40 pm

Duomo Cathedral Church is the main sightseeing attraction of Milan and the pride of all Milanese who consider it the most beautiful Gothic cathedral in the world. You will fail to name another cathedral numbering 135 spires, 3400 statues and the main one among them is the gilded bronze 4.16 m high Madonna statue or “Madonnina” the way the Milanese affectionately call it, the mother of Jesus Christ, symbol and patroness of Milan. The Italian byword “in the shade of Madonnina” means only one thing – Milan. You can visit the Duomo Cathedral Church with the ticket price of 2€, I strongly advise you doing this as the Duomo interior is just splendid! You will have the feeling of being in the forest of columns (52 in total) lit with colored light of big mosaic windows.

Take a look at a small red spot high above the main altar: do you know what is up there?

Duomo Cathedral Church  Duomo Cathedral Church

This is one the primal relics of Christianity – the Holy Nail from the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ! And its religious significance is exactly the reason why it is stored in such an inaccessible place at a height of 45 m in a crystal cross-cut container. During the plague in 1576-1577 archbushop, Carlo Borromeo, carried the Nail through the streets of Milan scaring away the hideous desease and as the fame runs the plague subsided. Telling you about the Duomo will take long – only its constuction lasted for 6 centuries, therefore all details will be given at the excursion.

Nadezhda Okhotnikova, Milan 

To those who want to visit the Duomo Cathedral on their own:

I advise you taking a look at the San Bartolomeo statue by Marco d’Agrate (1562) at the right of the altar. This delightful exemplar of muscles and tendons takes personally me back to the time of anatomy lessons at school.  

I can explain to you why. The saint martyr Bartolomeo was frayed alive by the Inquisiotion, therefore his statue looks that weird and what looks like a stole thrown over his shoulders at first sight is nothing else but his skin!

The author himself taking pride in his work wrote on the pedestal: «Non me Praxitele sed Marcus finxit Agrates» (It was not Praxitele who created me, but Marco d’Agrate did).

Duomo Cathedral Church

I strongly recommend ascending to the Duomo roof. The entrance is on the left external side of the cathedral. You will have to buy a ticket: €15 for lift and €8 if you climb up the stairs, but it is worth it! The peculiar figured forest of spires, columns and statues and breathtaking all-rounf view of Milan every time make personally me speechless with delight, I hope you will have the same feeling...

The only disadvantage in my opinion is long queues for the ticket office,

Tickets for Duomo Church of Milan

therefore I recommend buying tickets in advance on-line at the official website TicketOne. it :

TicketOne.it: Biglietti per Concerti, Teatro, Musical, Sport e molto altro... Acquista ora online!

where you can also buy a general ticket to visit Duomo and Duomo Terrace and you will save a lot of time! All you have to do is type Duomo di Milano in the search line.

Duomo Cathedral Church

How you can get there. Finding the Duomo Square in Milan is very easy: you can use red or yellow line of the metro (Duomo station), there are tramway (twelve routes) and bus (six routes) stops. If you find it difficult, please send me an e-mail and I will make the easiest route for you.

I thank my super-brother Alexey for the professional English translation.

And these are just beautiful photographs of the Duomo Cathedral kindly furnished to me by the photographer, Vitaliy Karpovich.








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