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December is probably the most favorite and eventful month in Milan.

The month starts with the world’s biggest crafts fair Artigiano in Fiera from November 29 to December 8 in Rho Exhibition Center. The exhibition is devoted to the best handiwork products and items made by both Italian masters and craftsmen from every corner of the globe. This is also an excellent opportunity for a gastronomic travel around the world, so to say, right off the bat – there are 19 ethnic cuisine restaurants to say nothing about multiple traditional dishes of all Italian regions. So visit the fair and try, try, try! Work time is from 10.00 to 22.30, free entrance.


December 7 is Saint Ambrose’s Day, patron of Milan. The Milanese revere the patron very much, therefore the whole week is spent on various festive activities related to the outstanding event. The main and most social one is, of course, the opera season opening in La Scala Theatre held exactly on December 7 (please see CALENDAR OF MAIN EVENTS for more details). This year premiere will be Fidelio opera to the music by Beethoven. The first premiere of the opera was held in La Scala in 1927 during Mussolini’s rule and perceived as a protest against the fascist dictation. So the composition has not only a glorious music, but also a heroic past.


The festive week of Saint Ambrose December 5 thru December 8 is also the time for another famous and favorite even in Milan: Oh Bej!Oh Bej! fair – for over 500 years the traditional fair has attracted thousands of visitors. I think our tourists will enjoy it too! The event takes place along the perimeter of the fortress walls of Sforzesco castle – one of the main sightseeing attractions of Milan. Work time is from 8.30 to 21.00.


EXHIBITIONS: You can still enjoy Marc Chagall and Vincent Van Gogh’s exhibitions in Palazzo Reale (please see October) as well as an annual free Christmas exhibition in Palazzo Marino in La Scala Square. December 3, 2014 thru January 11, 2015 the exhibition will present  the Madonna and Child masterpiece by Rafael  free of charge – a lot of people line up for it, but it is well worth the effort!

MUSICAL: Dirty Dancing continues in Teatro Nazionale to December 26, 2014. The famous movie with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey starring becomes a musical which is surely worth seeing.

And then on December 25 Catholic Christmas comes – the main holiday in the year not only in Italy, but in the whole Catholic world. The way it is celebrated in Italy will detailed in a separate post, but at the moment I can say the only thing: it is not the best time for tourists. Out of deference to this holiday almost everything is closed on Christmas: shops, exhibitions, museums, even bars and cafés.  And tables in restaurants are reserved a month in advance. In addition, before Christmas prices in the shops exceed all limits, because all Italians are in search for gifts as gifts are given exactly at Christmas, but not on New Year.

At the same time the festive atmosphere and unbelievably beautiful Christmas shop windows in the city are a very strong reason for visiting Milan.


Have a nice journey at any time of the year!

I thank my super-brother Alexey for the professional English translation.




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