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October. What is worth visiting in Milan?

   I consider the exhibition of paintings by our compatriot, Marc Chagall, one of the main October events in Milan. Marc Chagall is a very interesting and famous artist on his own and the fact, he was born and raised in Vitebsk, studied and worked in St. Petersburg and Moscow, just commits me to visiting his exhibition. Wait for a detailed post!

You can easily find Marc Chagall’s exhibition in Milan: it is held in Palazzo Reale (Royal palace) situated in the central city on the right hand of Duomo, literally only a few steps away from the cathedral.

Starting October 15 Palazzo Reale will be also a venue for the exhibition of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

October. What is worth visiting in Milan?

The story about his work can take hours and hours, so wait for a detailed post from the exhibition, but the fact, his painting Portrait of Dr. Gachet  was the most expensive painting sold by auction for 15 years, speaks for itself.

Each exhibition fee is EUR12.

Another interesting and, equally important, free!!! October event in Milan is Hobby Show which will take place in Fiera Milano Rho on October 10-12. This is a show of creative ideas – everything new and interesting in the world of our favorite hobbies: you will find here knitting, embroidering, decoration, cookery and confectionery items.


What else in October:

September 29 – October 3: the Russian Film Festival in Apollo Spazio Cinema (the address:  Galleria de Cristoforis, 3) located in the central city close to Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Free entrance.

"Flea markets": similar to Paris there are "flea markets" in Milan. The biggest and greatest one is "Mercatone dell’Antiquariato sul Naviglio" where you can buy absolutely ANYTHING: antiques, jewelry, vintage clothes, paintings and even whole hobby collections. A mere walk will be a real fun: you can meet any celebrity here and your purchase can be very cheap!

"Fiera di Senigalia" is another flea market, less popular, but not less interesting!   And here you can buy something special at a v-e-e-ery reasonable price. You can visit the market every Saturday at the address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese

October. What is worth visiting in Milan?


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