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09.08.2014 What can you taste in Italy? Pizza, of course!

What are the most popular dishes in Italy?

Surely, pizza goes first. Pizza is popular across the globe, and in Italy it is eaten everywhere and always. It is the most popular dish at any children’s holiday, youth party or meeting with friends. Why?

It is tasty and relatively cheap. And buying a pizza is much less expensive versus a two dish dinner in the restaurant, as pizza is eaten in Italy as a main course and only course, plus may be only dessert in addition. Neapolitan pizza is traditionally recognized as the tastiest one (Napoli is exactly the place where pizza was originated from), but you can also find some excellent pizzerias in Milan.

What can you taste in Italy? Pizza of course!

There are varieties of pizza:

PIZZA AL TRANCIO -  Italian for “pizza by the slice”, usually rectangular pizza slices, pastry is thicker than round pizza pastry, sold not in pizza restaurants, but in diners or bakeries called "PANETTERIA". It is a very quick and economic  way of having a snack, moreover the selection is quite extensive: usually various kinds of pizza are already in windows, the only thing left is to point at the slice of your first choice :-).

What can you taste in Italy? Pizza of course!What can you taste in Italy? Pizza of course!

When it comes to pizza restaurants - everything gets much more complicated, pizza should be ordered and the selection is so large, if menu in Russian or English is missing (and this kind of menu is mainly available in restaurants "for tourists", where prices are correspondingly higher) you will find gaining an insight into names and ingredients quite difficult. I can help you:

MARGHERITA – a classic Italian pizza without any frills, comprises only a tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, usually least expensive on the menu.

NAPOLI – another classic pizza from Napoli, tomatoes and mozzarella are supplemented with anchovies and oregano.

WURSTEL – sausage pizza, the most popular with Italian children (my children are not the exception), on the whole sausages in Italy as well as in Germany are called würstel.

SALSICCIA – pizza with small sausage slices (grill sausage, please don’t confuse it with salami)

SALAME PICCANTE – pizza with spicy salami slices.

FRUTTI DI MARE – seafood pizza, can be called variously, but if you see “frutti di mare” on the menu – it means “seafood”.

SPECK E BRIE – another classic Italian pizza comprising Speck – specially smoked ham from the mountainous region of Trentino, and soft French cheese Brie. It is a very international and tasty pizza! I recommend trying it.

TONNO E CIPOLLE – pizza with canned tuna and rings of raw onion. In Milan it is almost impossible to find raw onion in dishes; even salads are served without it, so those missing onion in Milan are encouraged to try TONNO E CIPOLLE pizza – ideal choice!

In the post above I listed the classic pizzas found in almost any pizzeria, but the list goes on till the hell freezes over, as any pizzeria has its own special pizza –so try them and choose the best to your taste!

I thank my brother Alexey for the professional English translation.smiley

What can you taste in Italy? Pizza of course!










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