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10.07.2014 The training with Carla Gozzi

As I have already written in the column "About the project”, I try to do my best to be professional in telling you about Milanese architecture, arts and history. Moreover take private lessons given by Milan University's professor. To be the most professional shopping assistant, I also attend various courses of personal shoppers and style consultants. Today I would like to tell you about one of the latest courses I had. The course was given by the famous  fashion guru and the style expert Carla Gozzi , who is leading a cult program on the Italian TV called “Ma come ti vest?!” . (In Russian it means “Look the way you are dressed?!”). She is just like our Evelyn Khromenko. All will become clear for you when you type in the internet search line Carla Gozzi name.

I was preparing very carefully for the courses and it took me quite long time to choose the outfit. (It would be terrible for me to be asked by the fashion expert “Look the way you are dressed?!” wink)  Of course, I was very excited. 

When Carla entered the lecture room I had a feeling of a small girl who saw the fairy. (Of course, this is not the best comparison but this is the best one that came into my mind). She was quite slim and fit, and her hallmarks are a natural sharm and total professional integrity. As well she was very nicely dressed. I could not even believe that the socks with sandals chosen to match the dress could look so stylishly!

The courses with Carla Gozzi

Carla was very  friendly during our discussion. She opened to us many details and nuances of the Professional Shopper business and on how to build up a Personal style. I suppose, they will be very interesting and useful to my Russian clients.

The courses with Carla Gozzi

To sum up, it was a very interesting and informative event!

The courses with Carla Gozzi


By the way, the courses were organized in one very special Milan show room. Some very special and original clothes and accessories can be bought there at the reasonable prices. I am giving you my word as a mother of three kids. smiley


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