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About Life in Milan

"My name is Nadezhda Okhotnikova, I am a cheerful Russian woman who got married to an Italian and have lived in Italy since 2002.

In Milan I often see Russians (recognizing each other abroad takes a second) hanging about the city in search for a shop they need or some sightseeing attraction: "Oh! You’re Russian, can you please suggest how we can get to..."

"Could you please tell us where we can buy ….cheaper?"

I lost count of questions like these so many times!

So it occurred to me to do what I do at the moment – private accompanying Russian tourists in Milan, to do it in the most professional way I completed the special training on Personal Shopper and take history lessons given by Milan University professor. I must say I like doing this a lot: this is not only communication with my compatriots (who I miss so much), guiding them in a strange city and giving definite answers to questions like "What? Where?And why?" :-), but also an opportunity to show Italy, which became a home away from home to me, as if from the inside – the way the locals see Italy.

But as it is impossible to tell everybody everything during one tour, “proMilan” blog project has been initiated to make information on Milan and generally Italy more comprehensive and available tо everybody.

And I tried to approach the matter in the most professional way – I completed the journalism training in Italy. The certificate is attached.

Everything written here is tested and proved by self, my family and my Italian friends!"

I would like to note the information provided here will not substitute for a tour with a professional guide or shopping with an experienced personal shopper, but I sincerely hope the information will be interesting and useful.

So, let’s go!